Agali Houses

Agali Houses

Reinventing Island Chic!

In the breath-taking Firostefani, on the edge of the caldera in Santorini, Hotel Agali Houses offers resplendent accommodation with lavish facilities and superb views to the sea and the volcanoes. Santorinian architecture, artistic touches and the amiable hospitality stands out, creating a welcoming spot for unforgettable holidays on the caldera!

A Simple and Elegant Logo

The premises of Hotel Agali Houses radiate elegance, from the moment you first step into the stone-built entrance. That’s what we went for when designing the Agali Houses logo; pure elegance. A chic calligraphic A for Agali, floating on a wave as harmonious and inviting as the hotel itself was our choice, and colours inspired by the mesmerizing sunsets that Santorini is so famous for. 

Embracing the Beauty in a Website

A hotel as sleek and sophisticated as Agali Houses deserves a website that can showcase the purity of summer island living and the enchanting ambience that only the caldera of Santorini can offer. We stayed found inspiration to the contrast of the sunset against the pristine white of the caldera’s houses, and we let the hotel speak for itself through amazing photography. 

Sharing Unforgettable Moments on Social Media

Keeping in touch with your social media followers is essential for today’s businesses, and for this reason, Agali Houses entrusted F-Design with their social media campaign. Carefully selected photos, reposts worth sharing, and eye-catching teaser videos and stories share the Agali Houses experience with the world, both on Instagram and Facebook.