A Culinary Journey in Tradition

Anemomilos Restaurant is a longstanding culinary landmark of Oia, one of the village’s oldest and most acclaimed traditional restaurants. Located just at the entrance of Oia village, Santorini, Anemomilos welcomes you to a delightful journey to the authentic island tastes that had withstood the test of time and have enchanted thousands of guests throughout the past 30 years. 

A Logo featuring an Iconic Symbol of Santorini

Anemomilos is the Greek word for windmill, and the traditional windmill found on the premises dominates the landscape of Oia. Also, a symbol of the basic essential of gastronomy, flour, it was the perfect embodiment of everything this restaurant has come to stand for, and the ideal choice for a bold logo. 

Following the Steps of Taste for the Website

Some places are meant to continue a legacy; some restaurants are destined to share the love for tradition and some people are to share their passion for good food and authenticity! F-Design, with utmost respect to Anemomilos’ rich and colourful legacy, made sure to incorporate every element that makes this destination so special in their website, utilizing snippets of their history and close-ups of the superb dishes of the menu.

Social Media Accounts That Stand Out!

For the Instagram account of Anemomilos Restaurant, F-Design drew inspiration from the dishes’ close-ups and created 3-frame grids that gave a unique style to the @anemomilosrestaurant profile. Exceptional, inviting and eye-catching, perfectly fitting to Anemomilos Restaurant!