Santa Marina Resort & Villas

Santa Marina Resort & Villas

When life meets luxury…

Santa Marina Resort & Villas is a Luxury Collection Resort that has unequaled views across the Aegean Sea. Offering a variety of unique accommodation options, the legendary range includes the stunningly beautiful pool bars and restaurants, the pioneering Buddha Bar Beach Mykonos, as well as the private golden sandy beach of Santa Marina Resort & Villas and the Ginkgo Spa, that set the scene for exceptional moments and treasured experiences.

Unveiling legendary moments 

When it came to Santa Marina’s website design, we thought: modern, elegant, classy. We needed to create an engaging, appealing and easy to navigate website that will capture the attention of the wannabe guests and make them want to stay on the site and at Santa Marina. As always, the website is mobile friendly, with proper optimization for different search engines, including easily accessible ‘book now’ functions, an interactive map that excites guests and an interesting social wall that instantly shares the experience of the guests through their photos. 







Save the date for the experience of a lifetime 

The newsletters for Buddha bar were truly an exciting creative process. We used interesting illustrations in the first fold to increase the visual appeal. Handwritten fonts, creative titles and sophisticated design made the subscribers follow the call to action button and book their seat via these emails. 


Welcome to a secluded paradise

The print ad uses custom photography, elegant typography, and sophisticated titles to show, tell, and sell the unique experience one can live at Santa Marina Resort & Villas.