Nammos Mykonos

Nammos Mykonos

When in Mykonos,
think of NAMMOS. 

The amazing world of NAMMOS is located at Psarou beach on the Greek island of Mykonos. A renowned restaurant that is one of the most pristine destinations in the world with jetsetters arriving from every corner of the globe including Hollywood celebrities and international football and fashion stars. NAMMOS is one of Greece’s most famous and luxurious waterside venues offering a taste of good life with gastronomic concepts, daily parties, events. The most exclusive beach project the world has ever seen and one of the Best Restaurants in Europe. 

A breeze of luxury online! 

The website of NAMMOS has a responsive look that uses photo and video is such a creative way that transfers the NAMMOS experience online. The new website design is an absolutely cutting edge, encompassing progressive contemporary design and the newest website building technologies in order to introduce the world to the amazing world of NAMMOS. Meanwhile, creative and animated newsletters as long as eye-catching posts seduced everyone to the magic of NAMMOS and MYKONOS. 

One of our favorite stories: the NAMMOS story. 

We have a lot of stories to tell. One of our favorites is the NAMMOS story. It all began in 2010 when we started brainstorming about NAMMOS. Today, we can feel the breeze of Mykonos in all of our portfolio. From the brand identity, the slogan “a breeze of luxury”, a new website, to the world known Nammos Magazine, our beloved Nammos Cookbook and lots of everyday materials such as matches, menus and great print ads for top magazines all over the world. 





Welcome to the amazing world of NAMMOS

That was only the beginning of a beautiful story. We continued to Courchevel 1950, the new NAMMOS place to be and we have already disembarked to Nammos new destination… Dubai.