Nammos Village

Nammos Village

Welcome to the new
world of style


Summer needs style and Nammos Village is the new world of style that offers the most amazing shopping experience across the Mediterranean. The world’s most iconic and exclusive fashion and luxury lifestyle brands, contemporary Greek designers and bespoke art pieces, all set in a tranquil, beautiful landscaped shopping paradise. Nammos Village is not just a shopping destination, it is a catwalk in flip-flops.






It's all a matter of style

‘Devotion to Detail’ led our creative philosophy, so as to create the most stylish designs for Nammos Village. From a minimal aesthetics logo that paired with the iconic architecture of the mall, to designed email newsletters, a pink gold coming soon web page, stylish social posts and exceptional design of various prints, as well as an elegant brochure for the Nammos by Sisley-Paris spa. 




A catwalk in flip flops

Style-oriented titles, fashion editorials, gorgeous poses, fresh looks, famous photographers, fine art photos, haute couture clothing, fame, summer and fashion! These are the words that best describe all the creative work we delivered for the new world of style… the Nammos Village world.



Simplicity is the key

Simplicity, clarity, style: these are the main ideas we had in mind when crating the print ads for Nammos Village. Black & White aesthetics, gold foil details and a minimalistic approach that captures the idea of the new world of style that had just arrived in the island of Mykonos.