Nammos Riyadh

Nammos Riyadh

A blue oasis
in the middle of the desert.

Nammos discovered a new exciting destination to spread its Mediterranean vibes as part of the three-month venture “Oasis Riyadh” and brought its distinctive ambience and sophisticated flavours to Saudi Arabia. F-Design created a series of digital works to add an intriguing and visually attractive touch to the new NAMMOS Riyadh launch.

Branding a blue oasis in the middle of the desert

Our long-standing collaboration with NAMMOS is ongoing and has expanded further to the East with our involvement in the branding of this new and fascinating NAMMOS destination, a pop-up restaurant and creative component of the “Oasis Riyadh” venture in Saudi Arabia. We offered our valuable input by creating the exclusive prints for the event along with the website, the social media presence and communication, as well as a teaser campaign, all created in line with the special requirements of the Nammos brand.


A Website to Wonder, Wander & Discover.

An immersive Nammos experience commences from the very first moment the user visits the website; The alluring soft sand of the Saudi Arabian desert is covered in blue, a direct allusion to the iconic blue sea of Mykonos. The signature lines of NAMMOS are now landing in the desert of Saudi Arabia... While navigating through the website, seamlessly designed by F-Design, one instantly feels and grasps the evocative atmosphere, redolent of the invigorating vibes of Nammos.





Teaser Campaign for Nammos Riyadh

A truly inspiring Teaser Campaign was crafted by the F-Design team as part of the branding and the launch of NAMMOS Riyadh on Social Media. Visions of Mykonos landing on the desert of Saudi Arabia through videos, taglines and images were expressed in the most creative way for the new experience offered by NAMMOS.

Social Media to Explore & Taste

A Social Media Strategy was created to express the NAMMOS Riyadh uniqueness in the most explicit and visually arresting way. The landscape of Saudi Arabia’s desert, the sophisticated flavours, the events and the cosmopolitan ambience of the new NAMMOS destination are continuously updated to feed you with inspiration and to invite you to digitally enjoy the NAMMOS Experience in Riyadh.