Roufas Furniture

Roufas Furniture

The world of furniture
since 1971

Tailor-made furniture that transforms your business and your home into places that reflect your style and personality. Roufas Company in Rhodes has been crafting and trading hand-made furniture since 1971, with respect to tradition and utter attention to detail. Unique pieces of functional art made just for you!










Fashion-forward design & handcrafted quality

First, we refreshed the logo. Then we came up with the slogan “The world of furniture since 1971”. We arranged a photo shoot with a professional photographer because quality photos paint a thousand words. The visual identity borrows from the beautiful furniture work Roufas furniture create for their customers. The website will be online soon and we promise it will be as luxurious, comfortable and handcrafted as the brand’s furniture is with character and nobility.






Please, have a seat! 

When it comes to social media, the visuals are the key. That’s why we chose the best visuals and we managed to captivate followers by showcasing not only the products but also the creative procedure. Posts show that every piece of furniture begins with the raw materials and then is finished individually by hand. Animated gifs provide customers with design tips, new pieces of furniture and always the elegant aesthetic of Roufas Furniture.