Digital Innovation for
Digital Transactions

Entering the world of digital banking was an exciting new venture for F-Design, and starting with UCPAY’s new website broadened our horizons. F-Design welcomes UCPAY, a digital app that covers all aspects of personal or business banking from the palm of your hand with a brand-new promotional website that pops with its clear style and up-to-date sophistication.

Sharp design that gets the point across

We approached UCPAY’s website design focusing on the user’s point of view, as the goal was to create a user-friendly interface, clear and unhindered for all. Bright white background, confident colours and to-the-point text and animations, highlighting all you need for a safe and efficient banking experience.

User – Friendly Animations

This website’s primary objective is to display in a clear and concise manner the functions and benefits of UCPAY, a digital app that allows users to manage their bank accounts on their mobile phones. For that, we created user-friendly explainer animations that demonstrate the app’s functions step by step, along with clear-cut showcase animations of the app itself.