Albergo Gelsomino

Albergo Gelsomino

A historic icon

Albergo Gelsomino is not just a hotel. It is one of the most iconic landmarks of Kos.

Designed by the Italian architect Rodolfo Petracco in 1928, it was originally a guest-house for Italian officials and is said to be the island’s oldest hotel. After 90 years, it has been impeccably restored to regain its unparalleled beauty. With modern artistic twists, high ceilings, tall windows and exceptional sea and boulevard views, it is expected to operate as a luxury boutique hotel, offering 6 Junior and 2 Executive Loft suites, a sea-view bar-restaurant and a private beach.



A photoshoot that is a nod to the past, a legacy for the future.

Gelsomino has such a unique history and character that we had to ensure nothing important is missed. Through this first photoshoot and with the help of a professional team, we tried to capture the details that portray the feeling, heart, and soul of this landmark.

We highlighted the authenticity and the specific features that showcased the journey of Albergo Gelsomino. Great images never fail to immerse an audience. That’s why created stories worth sharing that evoke 'I want to be there' emotions.




The story continues... More to follow soon.