Althea Boutique Hotel

Althea Boutique Hotel

An Authentic Karpathos
Hospitality Experience

Althea Boutique Hotel is a chic boutique hotel establishment on the island of Karpathos, located by the beach of Amoopi. This haven of tranquillity and modern comfort marries tradition with contemporary hospitality, with the added touch of attentive, personalized services.
From the distinct, handmade décor of Althea’s accommodation proposals, to homemade Greek breakfast and other Karpathian specialties and superb services, in Althea Boutique Hotel you will discover the true beauty of one of the Aegean’s last hidden gems. 

Great Logo Design

Just like Althea Boutique Hotel itself, the logo we designed is pure and elegant. A geometric transformation of the simple althea flower with soft and velvety pale pink petals, blooming in abundance all around Karpathos throughout the summer, is the perfect representation of how you feel when you reach Althea Boutique Hotel; at home, immersed in beauty, tranquillity and Aegean brio.

Click on your Aegean paradise

We were so enchanted by the charming character of the property; it was impossible not to allow it to shine through our website! When F-Design’s team started working on this particular website, we wanted it to highlight the unique sensation that Karpathos brings on every first-comer, a welcoming and homely cosiness that envelops every guest from the moment they first enter Althea Boutique Hotel. Don’t you feel it too, as soon as you click on