The house of gastronomy

Located in the most iconic location in Mykonos, CasaTu is the go-to spot for anyone looking for great food and unforgettable summer memories. Complementing CasaTu's unrivalled position is the menu of Italian specialities and fusion tastes that will raise the bar for dining on the island.

A 360o approach for the 360o view of Mykonos

And the name is… CasaTu. After hours of brainstorming, we came up with this name that derives from the Italian words “Casa” + “tu”, meaning “Your home”. We organised a professional photoshoot to explore and document the natural beauty and attention to detail that went into the CasaTu at its inception. 

Exceptional design for exceptional taste

Then, we created the logo that was part of a bigger concept with the triangles that refer to the architectural detail of the restaurant. We chose the most pure-neutral and earth colours for the creation of print materials, from menus to folders as well as creative prints, all the signage, matches, sous plates, etc.


Save the date for an Italian night at CasaTu

Newsletters with animation grabs reader’s attention and add visual appeal to any email. That’s why we created newsletters for CasaTu’s nights by combining photos with animated gifs so as to transfer the Italian atmosphere online. The website will go live soon, but we can tell you from now that we will let the property do the heavy lifting immerse viewers in the CasaTu experience.