Erotokritos Bakery

Erotokritos Bakery

A matter of true taste

Erotokritos is one of the most successful high-quality bakery & pastry shops in Santorini. A Cretan bakery with a variety of breads and bakery products, fresh homemade village pies, Cretan delicacies all prepared with great care.

Sweet and salty perfection

This was a long-term project for Erotokritos bakery. All we had to do is help the brand refresh its image and make it yummier! And we did it! We designed an eye catchy yet professional logo that creates the brand identity for Erotokritos bakery business.



Taste sweetness on the radio

We wrote and produced two radio commercials for the Erotokritos bakery and the Sweet Cone. Our love for sweetness and good taste resulted in radio commercials that hooked listeners in with creatives scripts and the finest production values.  

Got baked?

In order to delight and tantalize potential clients, we created all the packaging and the branding, from business cards to ice cream cans and coffee cups that promise a delicious journey. The colours of the packaging were all black and white so as to leave the delicious cakes and baguette do the talking. Finally, we designed the posters that decorate the bakery, by using creative titles and some jaw-dropping pictures of cupcakes, decorated cakes, cheesecakes, cream rolls, and some fresh baked cookies & bread.