Finikia Memories Hotel

Finikia Memories Hotel

Create your memories
in Finikia 

Finikia Memories Hotel is built at the village of Oia and the entrance of the traditional settlement of Finikia combining an excellent stay with delicious flavours, tranquillity with relaxation and the genuine hospitality in a piece of Santorini that creates precious memories! 





Let’s create some memories online

Finikia Memories Hotel required an agency that could create something, creative, fresh and stunning online. So, we did it! We created a user-friendly website, that translates the hotel’s experience to a beautiful responsive new hotel website. The white of Santorini fell in love with the magenta, and the tranquil settlement of Finikia website was born! 


A taste of summer in social media  

We used creative thinking, careful attention to detail and we’ve helped Finikia Memories Hotel show its fresh personality in the various social media channel, by increasing brand awareness.