H Hotels Collection

H Hotels Collection

Happiness starts
with an H

The H Hotels Collection is a captivating selection of outstanding hotels in Rhodes that promise to create bespoke memories for everyone. The Hatzilazarou family, driven by genuine passion for hospitality and the vision to go beyond the commonplace, established one of the leading hotel groups in Greece, 25 years ago as a collection for those who seek for the extraordinary things in life and want to luxuriate in a 5-stars awarded hospitality that meets the needs of adults, couples and families. 

Hospitality starts with an H

H Hotels asked us to create print advertisements for various magazines, such as the Aegean Blue. We came up with creative ads that use full frame photographs of still-life vignettes that contain framed snapshots of a variety of H Hotel Collection and titles that follow the concept of “Happiness/hospitality/Harmony starts with an H”.

A collection of infinite possibilities 

Harmony starts with an H. That’s why we made sure each and every brochure of H Collection will be in harmony with the creative philosophy. Echoing the minimalism of the hotel chain, we eliminated any superfluous design elements and combined them with gold details, elegant graphics and premium printing ideas that show our devotion to detail approach.