Innovative Recycling

Innovative Recycling

Conscious Design with
Strong Components

Innovative Recycling is a Switzerland based company that has been specializing in the recycling of industrial materials and the development of recycled products for more than 10 years. It trusted F-Design for the design of its logo and the creation and development of its functional and visually attractive unique website.

The Benefits of Great Logo Design

The smart combination of Innovative Recycling initials produced a logo that visually stands out and fits perfectly everywhere. The message, which explicitly reflects Innovative Recycling’s principle values and its dedication to the respect of the environment is effectively communicated by F-Design and has been created in such a way that it can be always identified with the company and its logo.

A Pioneering Website for a Progressive Company

Innovative Recycling offers a unique and differentiated product that respects nature. That said, F-Design eagerly accepted the challenge to display the company’s unique standards through a clean and minimal digital design. The result is a website that gets across the message of the company, whose mission and vision is to produce a unique product with utter respect to the environment.