Kenshō Boutique Hotels & Suites

Kenshō Boutique Hotels & Suites

Kenshō stands
for enlightenment

The Kenshō luxury hotels in Mykonos are here to offer a unique journey, creating with you memorable experiences of stay, relaxation and rejuvenation. Kenshō hotels combine high-quality services that go beyond the standards for a truly luxurious hospitality experience.







An awakening experience 

For us, Kenshō was an awakening experience in the beloved island of Mykonos. We got inspired by the endless blue colors of the sky and the sea and we had in mind words such as sea, sky, light, comfort, gold, harmony to create glamorous print ads with stopping power for this unique hidden treasure. The brainstorming for Kenshō stationery, food and bar menus, business cards, slips, envelopes, and giveaway gifts was far from just creative. For example, for the breakfast menus, the idea was to create a menu from plexiglass in the shape of an egg with the title “Let’s break some eggs!”.





Taste good life






Unfold a hidden treasure

The result reflects the sophisticated and innovative design of the resort, as well as the simplicity and boldness of the modern art persona of Kenshō that sets it apart from its competitors. The combination of the gold letterforms, the repeating geometric patterns of the logo and the luxury photos combine intimacy, comfort and exclusive attention to detail.