Koukos Rhodian Guesthouse

Koukos Rhodian Guesthouse

It smells
Greece here! 

Located in the centre of Rhodes Town, Koukos Rhodian Guesthouse shares the authentic tastes of Greece and offers a genuine hospitality experience. It is a famous guesthouse, a well-known restaurant that offers traditional Rhodian recipes, a bakery with a traditional oven and a gift shop. 

Discover the real taste of Rhodes

Coming to F-design, Koukos Rhodian Guesthouse required a refresh of its existing branding and visual presentation, as well as a brand-new website. We went one step further and created a brand facelift. 




Tick Tock, Tick Tock, there’s a new cuckoo clock!  

Koukos’s branding was created by combining solid values, fresh ingredients, and beautiful design. We started with the creation of an impressive design illustration of the cuckoo clock. The illustration helped us craft Kouko’s promise with words, logos, color, and typography. From creative radio spots, awe-inspiring print ads, to unique packaging and extraordinary printing materials that raised brand awareness, boosted sales and attracted new customers.  


It’s time for a new website!   

We came up with a high-end website to give the right impression to visitors. A simplistic yet tasty website which fully highlights the services of Koukos’s Rhodian Guesthouse. A newly redesigned website, organized and easy-to-navigate that uses the beautiful imagery of cuckoo clock to tell the story of the Rhodian cuisine, reflects its elegant and antique aesthetic and invites guests to stop in and try it for themselves.