Nammos Cookbook

Nammos Cookbook

An impressive gift for
Nammos customers! 

Elegant and practical, this cookbook is a rewarding and stylish gift to the Nammos customers. A selection of Nammos’ most renowned recipes in a classy cookbook that deserves the best spot in every kitchen fully produced by F-Design!

The secrets of Nammos gastronomy

Anyone who has tasted the dishes of Nammos knows that is hard to forget; many have asked for the recipes, and now they can bring them back home with them! The Nammos Cookbook is not only a valuable souvenir from their visit, but also a heart-warming reminder of the Nammos experience. Concept, photography, words, design and production make this F-Design publication an amazing advertising suggestion. 

Taste and style

No matter what you wish to showcase on your business, F-Design can propose a superb publication that catches the eye and stays with the customer for long; advertising at its finest!

More than advertising, more than a memory

The authentic recipes of Nammos, accompanied by amazing photos and creative content that introduces the reader to the gastronomy of Mykonos is the foundation of this exquisite publication. But it is more than a simple cookbook; it is a piece of the Nammos experience, a memory that you take back home with you, a reason to return!