Nammos Courchevel 1850

Nammos Courchevel 1850

Nammos at the top
of the world 

Nammos Courchevel 1850 is the new winter place to be. The most legendary beach destination, meets one of the largest ski resorts of the world for a year-long experience of uncompromising indulgence in the Rhône-Alpes region in the south-east of France. Nammos Courchevel 1850 is an élite venue with delectable tastes, innovative gastronomic proposals and seductive champagne in a super stylish atmosphere.

Which side of luxury are you on?

We created a solid and stable, well-crafted geometric logo that goes beyond basic shapes to tell the winter story of Nammos, evoking a nostalgic, retro but always gold feel of the mountains. The signage had to be nothing but bold and luxurious. So, we handcrafted a shiny, dazzling, gold plating signage that could be seen in the snow. Then, winter came… and one of our favorite print ads got published. It was the one that showed the world of Nammos both sides, winter and summer, and asked “Which side of luxury are you on?”


You've got a falling snow email 

A simple yet catchy newsletter by F-design and Nammos Courchevel 1850 for the welcoming of the new year with a visually attractive snowy gif of a snowball with the Courchevel building inside. At the same time, we designed eye-catching and attention-grabbing animated posts for social media as well as newsletters with punchy design and thoughtful approach that makes anyone wanna be to the next winter place to be.