Nammos Magazine

Nammos Magazine

Summer & Mykonos 

The legendary Mykonos beachside venue made for delightful gastronomic experiences, pure summer fun and stylish pleasures, trusted F-Design to create a magazine like no other; a lavish and sophisticated publication that surely draws attention and takes you straight to the beach of good life.

An annual tradition in the making

It has only been three years since the first edition of Nammos magazine and it’s already a sort of tradition; regular visitors look forward to the new issue, and hold on to each one as a unique memory of their Mykonos holidays!

Highlighting the Nammos experience

Nammos Magazine was designed to give the reader an up-close look to the Nammos experience; from first impression down to the last detail, all of Nammos’ facilities and services were highlighted in style, informing and at the same time inviting guests to enjoy everything that upgrades Nammos from a seaside place-to-be to an irresistible experience.

Sophisticated advertising that stands out

Attractive content, exquisite photography and the cutting-edge design of a printed edition; Nammos Magazine captures the eye and guarantees that every single fashion item, tasty proposal, service or activity featured is beautifully noted. Advertising that stands out and remains memorable to all.