Nammos Village Magazine

Nammos Village Magazine

Out of the Mediterranean Blue

For such a unique destination we needed an outstanding publication! Nammos Village Magazine reflects the love for fashion, style, art and summer that created this amazing shopping and lifestyle destination of the Mediterranean.

Living for Style

World-renowned brands, cutting-edge fashion, groundbreaking art and unique nature touches make Nammos Village such a one-of-a-kind destination. The presentation of the brands and the latest trends reflected the distinguished character of each boutique of Nammos Village

The Elements that Create a Destination

Nammos Village is a whole world that proposes the best of fashion, taste, luxury and beauty, thus for this publication, we presented all aspects of life in this special destination by the beach of Psarou with innovative design, to-the-point content and sophisticated photography.

A World Where Everyday is a Fashion Show

When you must present the best in fashion and lifestyle you need a team of experts in photography, journalism and creative direction, so the team of F-Design came together to highlight and express the uniqueness of Nammos Village through an illustrious issue that celebrates all that Nammos Village stands for.