North Luxury Villas

North Luxury Villas

Living in a gallery...

Standing with grace on top of a hill overlooking the caldera, the North Villas complex is a statement of the Cycladic panache, in Pyrgos village, a juxtaposition of artistic expression and refined sophistication in an environment of breath-taking beauty. 

A sophisticated user-friendly experience 

We designed an appealing, responsive, mobile-friendly website. With clean layout, that wasn’t only beautiful but also easy for visitors to navigate and with call to action linking buttons for the “book now” and “contact us” pages. At the homepage, one can see an interactive menu that uses the logo to create an amazing result. We believe that the photos of a hotel can convince a guest book instantly… That’s why we arranged a professional photo shoot with one of our well-known photographers. The result? Amazing photos and an increase in North Villas hotel direct bookings. 



More than a logo…

We believe that the logo is not just a logo. It’s the hotel’s identity. That’s why we created a unique logo that plays with the original letters of the name and elements of the hotel’s character. The color palette of all printing material, from business cards to signage, is inspired by the nature of Santorini and it is luxurious, discreet, soft and plain to express the hidden beauty of North Villas spot.