Pelagos Suites Hotel & Spa

Pelagos Suites Hotel & Spa

Dive into luxury 

In the Dodecanese island complex, the Pelagos Suites Hotel is a family-friendly complex of rooms, suites and apartments with vast outdoor premises, a selection of swimming pools, bars and restaurants and an indulgent Spa Center that makes holidays on Kos Island as comfortable and summery as ever! 




Dive into our website

In order to update the hotel’s online performance, we designed and developed a technology driven, content optimized hotel website following the latest search engine optimization and social guidelines. The website is visual and responsive, providing a user-friendly experience for visitors from all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile). The creative titles followed the “dive into” concept and played with the logo and professional photos. 

Dive into elegance

“Pelagos” means “open sea”. This meaning drove our inspiration for the creation of the logo that plays with waves in a well-designed circle and of any brochure or menu . Then, we came up with the creative concept of the “Dive into…” that can be completed with meaningful words like “style”, “summer”, “luxury” or “family moments”. We actually, chose our favorite to stand out as a slogan “Dive into luxury”.