Santorini Island Guide

Santorini Island Guide

Santorini’s Best
Guide Publication

For more than a decade, Santorini Island Guide is the premium and most up-to-date guide for visitors and locals alike on the island of Santorini written and designed exclusively by the F-Design team.


Written by local experts

With long experience on tourist guides, magazines and publications, the team of journalists and designers resides permanently on the island of Santorini and prepares each issue through the course of the year. The latest on sightseeing, activities, shopping and gastronomy for the island of Santorini are written by locals who know Santorini can be found on the online edition of our guide here:   

Insiders’ expertise for your destination

In F-Design we know how to discover the best of your destination and suggest to your clients where to enjoy the finest proposals and the places-to-be for sightseeing, local adventures and gastronomy. Trust the insiders for your business! 


High-end design & focused content

Every season, the annual edition of Santorini Island Guide celebrates the best of living and holidaying in Santorini. The structure and design of the content helps readers explore the island depending on their interests. History lovers, foodies, adventure seekers find in this guide simply the best of Santorini through to-the-point suggestions and effective design.