Skyfall Luxury Suites

Skyfall Luxury Suites

Suites in the sky

Perched on the cliff of the hill overlooking the Aegean Sea, Skyfall Suites is a unique all-suites hotel, situated just 500 meters from the main square of Pyrgos village in Santorini. An exquisite suite complex created for relaxing vacations in Santorini, made with the elements of air, earth and water and the real substance of tradition, luxury and pleasure!


Colors up in the sky

It’s fresh, funky and colourful! It’s a responsive website that keeps the CTA in user’s visual focus on PC as well as mobile devices. The colors are eye-catching and not monotonous. Skyfall did it very well from the terms of user experience. With a minimalism UI design, the fusion of the pictures and fonts in the scrolling area enhances the immersion of web browsing and allows users to feel the elegance of the entire hotel from its web design.










You only live once

Inspired by the unique character of the hotel, we created branding materials such as business cards, hotel stationery, eco-cards etc. that bring the hospitality brand and its guests together. Dynamic colors, vibrant aesthetics and a fresh boutique experience that provides a modern, elegant and refreshing feel to the hotel.