SportLab Rhodes

SportLab Rhodes

Time to test your limits 

SportLab is the hottest sport fashion destination in Rhodes island with all the latest sport clothes and accessories from the most famous sport brands, like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Saucony, Asics, New Balance, etc. 


Ready, Steady, Go! 

We used one of the classic medium, the radio, in order to introduce SportLab to Rhodes island. The media plan included two radio spots, one for the teaser period and one for the opening. Both scripts were dynamic and used short phrases that invited anyone to test their limits! 

Just did it!

We used fancy typography and dynamic imagery to create high-end posts online that invite followers to test their limits and visit SportLab. Moreover, videos and animated posts create a clear brand that matches its “youthful” vibe, and makes an impact in a competitive market.