Zannos Melathron

Zannos Melathron

A landmark of luxury

Zannos Melathron is a unique hotel in the village of Pyrgos with beautiful views across Santorini and a mysterious aura that has remained unspoiled through the centuries. Αn authentic experience that blends together luxury, history, beauty and impeccable hospitality! 

It’s not just a hotel, it’s the luxury you deserve. 

The idea is a mixture of past and present, telling a stylish and laconic story of the place, its nature, and the high standards. The palette and creative materials emphasize and back up the story of this noble grandeur of the 18th century reflecting its precious legacy. Starting from the logo, the history of the hotel inspired us to create a family crest design that continues the tradition. The slogan “It’s not just a hotel, it’s the luxury you deserve.” in combination with other materials, created the image of a unique hotel for those who love tradition, authenticity and beauty. 

Yesterday's legacy, today's living. 

The website of Zannos captures online the timeless luxury of this Santorini-based Melathron. Classic style, dark and soft palette and contemporary approach to evoke a premium experience. The design is kept clean and bringing to the front what the hotel has to offer with elegant typography, colors, graphics and visuals. The inspiration for the script and the production of the homepage video was the unique experience that Zannos has to offer to every guest.